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This Database is a wiki showing Military and Civilian Information upon the Faction: The Arcath Civilization and the entire lore sorrounding it. While users in this can freely see the information with no consequence, Characters themselves cannot have access to this Information (unless they reside in a certain part of the faction's military), otherwise it will be considered Metagaming; I.E Roleplay violation. Within Roleplays, the Arcath Civilization Database is considered to be a secret hub of Information, so most characters won't be even to know about it.

What is the Arcath Civilization ?Edit

The Arcath Civilization is an alien galactic power founded by Arcath race in the Milky Way Galaxy, with their government resembling a monarchy lead by an Emperor and his Imperial Council. It was founded a millenia before the birth of humanity on the planet Earth, gaining much power from the conquer of hundreds and hundreds worlds, though this has caused them to gain a bad reputation in numerous sectors of galaxy. Despite their imperialistic ideology, the Arcath have proved to be benevolent rulers, allowing everyone to be part of the empire and always avoiding violence whenever possible. Several intelligent alien races have accepted the rule of Arcath and allied themselves with the empire, but many have rejected their authority and went in conflict with the Arcath. To this period the empire is still in conflict with most of them while it's extention in the Milky Way increases day after day.

The Founders of the Empire: The Arcath Edit

The Arcath are a beautiful, humanoid and technologically advanced race native of Allithea who are fighting to expand their interstellar empire. Even if they have no qualms in assassinating their enemies and outright invading other worlds, they are regarded as being a benevolent and honorable race, though many in the galaxy find them cunning, manipulative and arrogant. Despite being hated by their enemies, their troops rarely committed any sort of war crime against other races and they always try to avoid civilian casualties, even war prisoners declaring of having been treated well and kindly by their jailors. They find things such as slavery and genocide barbaric and savage and their army has strict rules of engagement.

None of the Arcath have true bad intentions against other races and it's a common thought in their race that their nation has the sole purpose to eradicate any form of "barbarism" and unite the whole Milky Way under the flag of the "benevolent, advanced and glorious" Arcath Civilization.

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